A Diverse Range of Legal Consulting Services

At Pritsker Consulting, we lend clients our extensive legal expertise in matters related to the environment, the government, land use and zoning, real estate, and contracts. Mr. Keith Pritsker is our firm’s founder, and he possesses a massive amount of relevant industry experience. You can consult with him about:

Environmental Law

Mr. Pritsker’s practice areas include:

  • Environmental Reports
  • Endangered Species
  • Superfund Litigation (Includes Issues of Environmental Contamination)
  • Preserving the Good Characteristics and Contamination Cleanup of Air, Water, and Soil

Real Estate Law

Our firm is focused on practicing transnational real estate law for the terms of deals involving the purchase and selling of property. Specifically, Mr. Pritsker helps clients create documents for these kinds of transactions.

Land Use and Zoning Law

Mr. Pritsker is well versed in the fields of land use and zoning.

Contract Law

Mr. Pritsker has spent many years handling contract creation and negotiation.

Government Law

Our firm’s founder has been practicing municipal law for more than 30 years.